【24 AUGUST 】17: New intervention happened today!


Today, I did an intervention, again. Compare with the last intervention which my blog previous blog posted, I changed a bit of the way to operate it. It is like a online workshop.

There were about 500 people participated in my previous questionnaires, hence I thought at least 30 people may willing to attend my intervention. The result was only 6 women and 2 men are willing to join and help with my further research.

Firstly, I created a WeChat group, and invite them into this group. Then, gave everyone  one minute to send a voice message into this group to simply describe their attitudes or opinions on stay-at-home parents in China society.  After this, there was ten minutes for them to listen to other 7 people’s voice messages and think about the similar points and differences between each other. At this point, I gave them my research question and let them think about  it  and give an idea of how to deal with this question in their own way. Then, I shared my idea which is to create a interactive space for housewife to share and learn together with them, and according to mine, we discussed together.

In general, this time the intervention is the most successful one. At least almost everything is happening as the plan. I will try to summarize all our conversations recently and translate it into English version as my evidence of this intervention.

(I have to say intervention makes me crazy…)

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