Essential Interventions

In the practical terms of the project, I have carried out four interventions, three of which are currently completed, and the fourth is under operating.

The first was a 40-minute event, inviting ten full-time wives to attend, sending each person a toolbox with production tools and some full-time wife life element cards. They need to use these materials to complete a bag of their own. Upon completion, by displaying the finished product of the package, several other full-time wives were introduced to their understanding, cognition, and hope of full-time missus life.  

Unfortunately, that time, my mind stayed in search of a few Chinese wives to participate in the event, I got one participant.

So the event lost the shared communication between the full-time wives of the original design and became my face-to-face communication with the participants.

Ms. Wan, the mother of a 2-year-old daughter.

 The feedback she gave me was as follows:

The third one is a 40-minute workshop which is happened in a cafe, in Beijing, involved two stakeholders. Firstly, I introduced my question. Then, I give them 10 minutes to share their stay-at-home life experiences. After this, they have a chance to think and give each other any recommendations and support in 10 minutes. Next, I asked them how they think about my projects and how can I get feedback when I go back to London. Finally, I asked them what their opinions on the way to build a supportive network in China are.

After this intervention, Mrs. Lee realized that there is another way of being a housewife. Mrs. Gao found that she is not only can be a stay-at-home mom but also she can influence other housewives by telling/ sharing her own experiences. She said she feels she can pass her energy to others who need. 

Ms. Li and Ms. Gao are attending my workshop

Yonghe Palace Cafe, Beijing, 2018

Based on the feedback given last time from Ms. Gao in the Cafe Workshop, I decided to adjust my research again. On the 1st of November, I designed a new intervention. I opened a WeChat official account named “Mrs. Circle,” I posted a project introduction on the account. At the end of the article asked everyone: Do you like this form? If you like, please do not like, please ignore. Do you think such a public number makes sense for a full-time wife? If you have any points, please comment. 

Up to now, a total of 223 likes and 44 reviews have been received.  

Screenshots of my post on WeChat official account.

The colorful pictures are the people’s profile who gave me a like on my research question and intervention. 

This shows part of the comments I have received. 

I will keep doing this intervention. Based on the current feedback from the intervention, it is easy to see that it is easier and more convenient to receive feedback from the WeChat official account than in all previous intervention ways. For stakeholders, this intervention approach is not coercive, and participation depends entirely on their personal willings. While this form seems to run counter to the original space or community I wanted to build, it was still a way to get access to the housewife’s group. In the process of developing this official account afterward, I will still try to establish a face-to-face space to facilitate online communication and communication between fans/spectators of this account.

The questions changed a lot…

  • In China, how can stay at home dads and moms do good in both childhood education, family relationship and also achieve their own value/ ambition?
  • How to create a face to face space to help Chinese stay at home moms share and learn from each other?
  • How can I create a face to face space to help Chinese stay at home parents share and learn from each other?
  • How can interactive space enable Chinese parents to develop a community of practice and sharing in a supportive network?
  • How to improve Chinese housewives’ stay-at-home life by creating an interactive space as a community for them to practice and share in a supportive network?
  • How can a weekly workshop create a supportive network for Chinese stay-at-home moms to share resources with each other?
  • How can a weekly workshop facilitate a supportive network that surfaces unrecognized resources in Chinese housewives? 
  • How to use WeChat Official Account to build a supportive network to facilitate communication in Chinese housewives?