Primary research results

I got 222 results from men, and 234 results from women.

An interesting phenomenon can be seen from the  survey results. 54.05% of men think women can choose whether to become housewives or other professions. It seems that most men are more likely to understand and support their wives and respect this profession. But from the women’s answer, the feedback is very different. For example, a participator said: housewife is a helpless choice, was the contribution to the family and personal sacrifice, should be given due respect. Another participator responded that the life of a housewife is not as easy as others think, the pressure of the children’s education is heavy. But now in our society does not pay enough focus and respect to this group of people. So I hope girls don’t try to be a stay-at-home mom. If want to try it, please just try a period, not for a life.

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