Intervention C

According to professor Shao’s advice, intervention C was conducted in a cafe workshop with two participants, Mrs. Gao and Mrs. Li. We had a 30-minute talk altogether. 

During in process of this intervention, I suddenly realised what is move beyond predictable. I used to think up what will be my stakeholders’ response in advance, or I get used to planning everything in advance. The thing is I never plan well. Even this kind of plan may bring me more anxious. So I gave up planning. I just walked down a street and think about how to locate proper stakeholders.

That was a weekday. So I suddenly realise that if I went to a supermarket at a work time, who will I meet? Supermarket must account more proportion of stay-at-home women than on a street at weekdays… Luckily, I met them..and they were willing to attend.

Ms. Li and Ms. Gao are attending my workshop

Yonghe Palace Cafe, Beijing, 2018

During the workshop:

Firstly, I introduced my question.

Then, I gave each of them 10 minutes to share their stay-at-home life experiences.

After this, they had a chance to think and give each other any recommendations and support in 10 minutes.

Next, I asked them how they think about my projects and how can I get feedback when I go back to London.

Finally, I asked them what their opinions on the way to build a supportive network in China are.

After this intervention, Mrs. Lee realised that there was another way of being a housewife. Mrs. Gao found that she was not only willing to be a stay-at-home mom but also passionate to influence other moms by sharing her own experiences.

Besides, Mrs. Gao suggested that WeChat official account might be a good platform to gather stakeholders easily in China.

I got lost again…

What if I change to WeChat official account?

Is this my original purpose?


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